Report size

I’m trying to fit in a rather wide table into a report and I’m having some sizing issues.
Can I make my report wider?

You can make the page wider by adjusting the paper size. When you first open the report designer you will see where the width and height can be adjusted.
Keep in mind, the report has the ability to be printed, so if you adjust it outside of the standard size you will probably run into printing issues. Maybe adjusting the width and height so it is landscape instead of portrait will work best if you intend to print this out.

I’ve got most of the issues straightened out now with the layout.
I wanted to make the second and third rows in my table match the width of my first row columns.
I checked the boxes and the second row coerced the first one instead of the other way around, what am I doing wrong?

I do understand what your saying, and I do see what your talking about, and it does sound backwards, but I have been reassured that it is working properly.