Report sizing for widescreen tv

TV I think is using 16:9

My report right now:
Table is 1300 x 1060h
Paper is 1380x1140h

First, is it logical to put this report on a tv screen?
Or do I need to make this table over again in perspective?

second, to do it fast, how do I get this scaling to workout?
16:9 the paper then fit the table in there best fit?

Are you looking to have the report sheet match your aspect ratio? Setting Fit Panel to true and the layout to relative and uncheck Maintain Aspect Ration will get you part of the way there. I imagine you could pass the report some parameters to dynamically change the paper size. I haven’t tried that though.

Actually it doesn’t look like you can do that. You might need to use a table instead of a report to accomplish this.

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