Report SQL query - dynamic database?

Is it possible to bind the database on a Basic SQL Query within the reporting module to a tag? I am only seeing a dropdown selection and no way to bind it to a property, tag or query. I have a project set up to connect to 4 different databases depending on selected options. I suppose I can query the data in a script and send it as a dataset parameter if this is not an option but I’d like to avoid the extra work if there is a way to bind the database. Thanks!

We’re working on a feature for 7.9.3 that would do this nicely.

It appears that this is still not implemented as of 7.9.7.

Actually, this is possible (as of 7.9.4); the feature Kathy’s referring to is named queries, which allow you to define the database connection used as a parameter (which can then be bound inside the report configuration).

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Ah! Yes that appears to work. Thanks.