Report Table Design - Row Versioning w/ Dynamic Data Key

Environment: Table with a boolean datatype key column. When the boolean key value is TRUE, the row should be highlighted yellow. If key value is FALSE the rows should follow an Alternate Key version which would be dark grey every other row.

Table Row Versions

Standard Version - Fill Enable Dynamic Key

Alternate Version - Fill Colour Dynamic Key

Issue: The Alternate row verison fill colour equation does not work. The last colour variable in the equation is always be used. Regardless if the equation is sticky==true?"yellow":"grey" or sticky==false?"yellow":"grey" the alternate row position will always be grey.


  • Is the dynamic key equation syntax correct? I had orignally tried to use the Version Key property to switch between a Standard and Custom version and it did not work. The row would remain Standard in the preview tab. This was using the sticky==true?"yellow":"grey" equation.

Hi JustinHiemstra,

It may help to take a look at our user manual, we have an example similar to Keychain Expression you are trying to use. Capitalization may be playing a factor. Can you try capitalizing True and placing quotes around it -> "True". The full expression should look similar to this: sticky=="True"?"yellow":"grey"

Probably not, if sticky is a real boolean. If a real boolean, the expression should be sticky?"yellow":"grey".

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