Report Table Group Column Count

I am setting up a table group in the report module table. my table group has multiple peer tables.

what i would like the table group to do is when it runs out of room at the bottom of the page to continue the table as a second column off to the side on the same page.

I am able to do this with just a single table not in a group. if i set the table property “Column Count” to 2 then the table will continue off to the side. As soon as i add a peer table the table will no longer continue off to the side.

I have done a table group with multiple columns in the old reporting module, but it appears the feature does not work in the new reporting module. I even tried taking an old report where the multiple columns works and then convert it to the new report module and it still does not work.

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Yikes, I was able to replicate this. I’ll make a ticket to get this fixed. :blush:

Was this ever resolved? Trying to do similar in v7.9.3

Not yet, but we have it tentatively scheduled for 7.9.5

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Hi Kathy,

I have 7.9.5, and it looks like this is still a problem. Any update on when this will be fixed. I have a detail peer table with two columns and hundreds of rows. It looks pretty ugly displayed as a single column for pages.

On a related note, when this is resolved, will multiple peer tables be able to have different widths? Peer 1 needs a column count of 1 with multiple text shapes using the entire width of the page. Peer 2 needs a column count of 3 with two text shapes using 1/3 of the width of the page.

Sorry, we haven’t gotten that far in our list yet. All my senior people got poached by the 8.0 teams, which slows down what I can do for 7.9. :cry:

And… when can we expect to see 8.0?

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I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. :sweat_smile:

Actually, I don’t really know because I’m not on the 8.0 team. All I can tell you is the little I’ve seen is quite impressive, and I think it will be worth the wait.

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OK… are we talking this year (2018), next year,… next millennium…?

Rumors say this year. But as I said, I’m not in that loop. :slight_smile:

It’ll be a loooong year…:neutral_face:

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Has this been fixed?

This seems to still be an issue with Ignition 8.

Will this ever be resolved? We use 8.0.16, and it’s still an issue.

8.0.x has not had active development for some time since it’s not a LTS version, so I don’t expect a fix in 8.0.x

We tried to replicate the issue last year in 8.1.6 and failed (although we could replicate it in 7.9 versions), so we believe it’s been fixed as part of other bug fixes. Try your project in a current version of Ignition (8.1.19) and see if you agree – if not, we’ll need more info to understand why it’s happening for you.