Report Table - images in table rows

Is it not possible to load images (stored as blobs) into table rows in the report module? It forces the row to be unstructured as soon as you drag an image component into the cell. And then once unstructured it won’t create a row for each resulting row from the query, only the first row shows up. Maybe I’m missing something, but so far nothing in the docs or forum explains this either way for me. Thanks!!

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Update on this, after some good coffee this morning I thought to use grouping in the table, and put the image in the new grouped row ‘receipt’ details (unstructured) and it now works with the metadata in the original row ‘images’ details. Not immediately obvious, but a good solution that accomplishes the desired outcome. In the attached image the images details row has the metadata for the receipt image, and the receipt Details row is the unstructured row that will contain each image per dataset row.