Report Table Summary Averages

I am using the Report Designer Table to show a table of values taken from the database. I am using the header, detail, and summary sections of the table in the report designer. In the summary I am looking at the average values. The problem that I am coming across is some of the data points are NULL values which is perfectly normal, but I believe the reporting module is calculating them as zeros and skewing the average. The average calculation in the reporting module doesn’t match the averages calculated by MySql or Excel, which do not use the Null values in the average calculation (I believe). Any thoughts on this?

The table is showing the values that are null as N/A. My assumption was that those values would not be part of the average calculation.

I never got a reply on this so I ended up just writing a script to read each row in each column of a dataset and do an average that suppresses null data and then puts the correct averages into dynamic properties for the reportViewer to access.

We’ll look into this. Good work-around though.

Just wondering if a permanent solution has been implemented?

The Simulation Aids module installs a set of system.aggregate.* functions that ignore nulls as SQL expects, and makes those available in local scope for the view() Pseudo-SQL expression function.

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Any update on this ? Ran into an issue where I have some columns with NULL which would not allow me to do summary calculations.