Report Table - Unstructured Rows - Keep Textshape, Table elements same height

Hi All,

Was wondering if there is a simple way to automatically synchronize the growth/height of the contents of a table row. In my table details row, I have 3 textshape elements and one table element (i.e. nested within the table). I’m trying to accomplish publishing parent and child data in a single horizontal row… where the row contains a table of varying row counts :confused:

– as soon as I add the nested table into the details row, it turns off the “structured rows” flag, so each textshape obeys it’s own height property… I basically need each element in the row to match the height of the largest element – the row itself grows fine using the “Overflow Behavior: Grow row” property.
i.e. in the above pic, would like the column number and total delay to be vertically centred in the row, would like the row to be the height of the nested table when it is larger than the textshape elements, etc.

I’m thinking there should be a way of doing this by binding a bunch of height properties to calculated values – was wondering if anyone has a proven approach to this scenario…

Thanks in advance!


Hi Paul, were you able to solve this? I found myself in similar situation.