Report Tag History From Dataset Parameter

I’ll probably fail at explaining this, but I have a dataset tag looking for any production lines that have an end time equal to a certain time. When this event happens it gets passed to a report.

Within the report, a table group is made so that for x amount of lines, x amount of pages are created with the data from the dataset that pertains to the line.

I would like to show tag history (by graph) for a couple tags related to that line as well. Is it possible to have the tag history reference made up of a parameter that points to a column in the dataset? I am thinking the column could have the full tag path for the historical tag. Am I making sense? Thanks for all the help in advance.

Have you looked at the IA University videos for it yet?

Also try reading the same section in the help manual. … n-ignition

Thanks for the extra push. It did spark me to revisit a nested query which may work in my particular cause. Come Monday I’ll see where I get before questioning again!