Report Text and Table Alignment

What am I missing in the Report Builder? The text in a text box hugs the bottom. The text in a table's cell hugs the bottom. Vertical Alignment Top does nothing.

Can you share some more information about your setup? We tried to replicate this in-house and it's working fine.

In particular, what Ignition version are you using, and what's up with the Dialog.bold font? If I choose 'Dialog', set it to bold, and set the font size to 100, I get the result I would expect:

Sure thing. I'm running version 8.1.24. Diaglog.plain and diaglog.bold have no impact on the vertical alignment. I also cannot stop the table grid from growing downward with lots of margins around the cell values.

Its the Text Margins. They are all set to 5 by default. That's why my table is growing.

The Margins have no helpful impact on the large text box.

With the text margins adjusted, does Preview and Design now look more or less the same when it comes to the table?

With zero margins there is still ample space around the text for my liking but yes. Its working as expected now.