Report Text Box Overflow

I am working on creating a report and I have a text box that could have multiple different lines of information, it could be 1 line of text or it could be 300 lines of text. I have the text area’s behavior set to ‘Grow Row’, but it doesn’t seem to be resize when there are multiple lines of text. Would it be possible to carry over the text onto another page and have then get each section and textbox to follow the preceding one?

I have also tried to use a table, instead of the textbox, and it is behaving in the same manner.

I saw another topic on this, but was not able to get the answer or direction I was hoping.

Thank you in advance

I haven’t tried to do what you’re doing but the “Coalesce Newline” property could be chopping off white space if you’re using white space to overflow into additional lines.

I tried to enable/disable “Coalesce Newline” and there was no change