Report Time Stamp display in minutes and second

Hello guys,

I trying to create a report using an alarm journal query but event time only displays the date. event time column displays date also time (hr, min, sec).

Any ideas? Why not see the time only display date.

There should be a date format property in the Property Inspector for the table cell.

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Thank you so much @PGriffith for the support. Slove my problem using your solution.

@PGriffith I’m facing another problem please give me any ideas.

I trying to create a standard transaction group but t_stamp not showing the proper format.

Are you using a SQLite DB? That looks like a Java or Unix timestamp: (Java timestamps are the count of milliseconds, Unix timestamps are the count of seconds).
Your DB software should be able to coerce that into a date/time in a query, but if it is SQLite then you should be able to ‘automatically’ query it; the SQLite JDBC driver will attempt to coerce long timestamps to dates for you.