Report to usable excel file

Hi, Guys,

I have a report designed with simple table, which I export to excel file. It works, but actually this excel file is not usable, since the data is in text boxes. Of course, there are ways to convert the text boxes to cells using VBA scripts, but for sure in Ignition there must be smarter solution, which I cannot see.
Any ideas? Perhaps some script in the report schedule options?

Perhaps my issue definition is not clear enough. So, this is how the excel table looks now after the report has been created:

The data for counter or working minutes cannot be processed further, because there are in text boxes, and not in cells.

Found this post, which treats absolutely the same issue - Report Viewer Component and Excel Export. However, it seems there is no clear conclusion and solution. Correct me if I am wrong.

The only reporting component that is exported as a real table in Excel is the basic table component. Try converting your data to a format that works with this component.

Thank you, Chi, I will give a try.