Report Viewer Data need to export as excel

I have use a report viewer to display the report

which contains any table for example like , simple table , normal table , Cross table.....
at the same time in single report it contain all table binding with a multiple named Querys , basic SQL...

then I have used report viewer to display it on perspective in that as default it have Dowland option in the format of pdf.

but I required the data in the excel format.

You can use this function on a diferrent button to either email the report to you in csv or xlsx, or save it to a location on the gateway that is accessible to Ignition, and write a script to grab the file and download it.


`# Executes and distributes the report to save a PDF`

`settings ` `=` `{` `"path"` `:` `"C:\\Ignition Reports"` `, ` `"fileName"` `:` `"Report.pdf"` `, ` `"format"` `:` `"pdf"` `}`

`` `=` `"My Report Path"` `, project` `=` `"My Project"` `, action` `=` `"save"` `, actionSettings` `=` `settings)`

let me change the format and will check.

	settings = {"path":"C:\\Ignition Reports", "fileName":"Report.xls", "format":"xls"}'ButylReports/SkidCleaningCheckSheet', project='DLB_NEW1', action="save", actionSettings=settings)

I tried no action have taken place

any suggestion please

Are you getting any errors in the gateway logs?

Have you checked the gateway's C:\Ignition Reports folder? Remember this script is being executed at the gateway, so it will save to the gateway, not your client.

my application is under this path


in that floder i can't find my xls file

can I change my path :thinking:

Ok, is the gateway installed on that computer?

If it is, then is there a C:\Ignition Reports folder?

yes .,create by manually