Report Viewer/Designer

I’ve got a list of changes that would be very helpful for me. I apologize if any of them have already been requested, I searched but couldn’t find them. If there are ways to do any of these items currently please let me know. A few of these things I have come up with workarounds, but these workarounds are painful to do and even more painful to go back and adjust (multiple graphs layered on top of each other, etc). I am currently running Reporting Module v1.5.1 (b172) on Ignition v7.5.5 (b1255).

[ul]1.) For a bar graph I would like to be able to set the x-axis bar labels to be located directly under the 0 line of the y-axis when the graph has negative and positive values, even if the labels are overlapping the bars. Currently if you set the x-axis labels to “Bottom” it will go to the bottom of the bars and when there are negative values it looks sloppy.

2.) Be able to define a display interval for the x-axis bar labels. If the bar graph has many bars in it the x-axis will look extremely cluttered with all of the labels. Be nice if we could display every xth label.

3.) Ability to change the color of the bar outline in the bar graphs. I don’t like having the black outline especially when the bars are narrow.

4.) Ability to change the color of the y-axis labeling, y-axis tick marks, major/minor gridlines, and series separators. Can change the font color of everything else but if you can’t change these colors it makes the graph look sloppy.

5.) Ability to have the series separators be little tick marks on the bottom of the graph in between the x-axis labels instead of lines that traverse the entire height of the graph. (Same thing as the tick marks on the y-axis just in between the labels instead)

6.) Ability to have stacked series and unstacked series in the same bar graph. Be nice to be able to stack 2 of the series and then have 1 series right next to the 2 stacked series.

7.) Ability to define names for the bar graph legends manually without having to bring in a @key@ or manually creating labels that you have to position individually.

8.) This last one is more of a bug than a feature request. Whenever I change the size or position of an object using the “Location/Size” tab on the right side it will automatically change the size and/or position of the next component I click on. It will only do this if I leave the “Location/Size” tab open when I click on the next component. It will even do this to the page size. Can be very frustrating.[/ul]

Sorry for the long winded post.


I am having a similar issue: Ignition 7.6…

Immediate need is to be able to set tick marks along Y axis every 25 units. Suggestions?