Report Viewer Graph Adjustments

Currently trying to modify a couple bar graphs in the report viewer. I have a couple questions:

Is it possible to change the color of the border around the bars on the bar graph? I would like to make the bars so they are one solid color and do not have a black outline.

Secondly, is it possible to change the color of the Y-axis labeling as well as the chart grid lines? I can change the color of the chart border but can’t figure out how to change these. Looks kind of sloppy if you change one and not the others.

Appreciate the help,

Anyone have any input? Need to create some reports for some high level people and would like to be able to adjust the graphs to make them look as good as possible.


It doesn’t look like you can change the border around each bar or the y-axis or the grid lines. You can turn off the grid lines and y-axis altogether but I know it is not the same. Sorry.

We are going to work on our reporting module this year so I can add a ticket in to get these features added.