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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of upgrading a project made in Ignition 7.9 from Vision to Perspective. On one of the windows for the 7.9 Vision Application, a report viewer component is used to display items created in the reporting module. I noticed there was no report viewer component in the Perspective components palette. Is it still possible to use the reporting module within a perspective window? If so, how would I go about it?


Yes, it is possible - a more first-class experience (that doesn’t require the webdev module) is definitely planned. For now: How to include a Report in WebDev in perspective

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Hi PGriffith,

Please, can I have an idea how to link the webdev report to the pdfviewer component on perspective?
Tried using the demo project as a reference but its not working for me.

I have a Report “reportname” that I want to bring into perspective. I have installed the webdev module, created a new python resource(HTTP method: doGet) and change the return to reflect the below.

return {‘byte’:“reportname”, “projectname”,“pdf”)}

Your response would be well appreciated thanks.

Make sure your return is using bytes, not byte - it has to be an exact match. Also, you should supply all arguments, even if your parameters list is empty:
return {'bytes':"Report", "project", {}, "pdf")}

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Many thanks @PGriffith!!!
Its working perfectly fine now.

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Hi Paul,

I have a report with two pages an dI just noticed the linked page viewer only displays the first page.
No option/button to navigate to the second page.
Is there any configuration on the pdf viewers property to enable this?

There’s no configuration on the component itself - but the component has a writeable “page” property and a “pageCount” prop giving you the total number. You could pretty easily use that to drive a dropdown:
return [{"value": i, "label": "Page {}".format(i)} for i in range(1, value + 1)]

Or use some buttons to page back and forth, or whatever other control scheme you want to use.


I upgraded my gateway from 8.0.2 to 8.0.3RC2. The created dropdown happens to be broken because it cannot be linked to the PDFviewer Pagecount Property binding.
Any idea how this can be resolved?

8.0.3RC2 has an issue (already fixed for the final release) with binding to properties on components with spaces in the name. You can wait for the final release, or rename your component.

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Many thanks @PGriffith
Issue has been resolved.

I need users to save tables and XYChart component on the page to clients desktop similar to system.dataset.exportExcel() in vision.
Please, how can this be achieved in perspective?

For posterity, a report viewer component was introduced in 8.0.9. 8.0.10