Report Viewer Pagination

I’m currently working on designing an automatic bi-weekly report. In this report I have a page where at the top there is a graph with some text and at the bottom of that page there is a table. Currently if the table is larger than the area at the bottom of the page it will paginate to another page. The problem I am having is that when the table needs to continue onto another page it also creates a copy of the graph and text above even though it is not part of the table. So I end up with 3 or 4 pages that have the same graph and just a few rows from the table. Ideally I would like there to be only 2 pages. One page has the graph and some of the table and the second has the rest of the table. Is there anyway to do this?

Also, the page after the page with the table at the bottom might also have a graph at the top. Is there a way to make the table continue above the graph on the second page and “push” the graph further down the page?

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Yes, the table has a header row, details row, and summary row. The header and summary rows just show up once. Put the graph inside of the header row. Click on the header row and uncheck the “Reprint when wrapped” setting on the right. That way it will only show up once on the first page. You can do the same thing for the summary row.

Thanks Travis! I should have realized that. I’m already using that technique to add pictures from a database but I did not think to use it for the graphs. :blush:

Another quick (hopefully) question. Is there a way to dynamically choose not to display a page in the Report Viewer from the client? There is a page in the report that I have created that is not always needed and I would like to be able to allow the operator to get rid of the page on days that it is not needed. I looked through the properties on the page as a whole and noticed that there is a property called “IsVisible”. I connected this property to a custom boolean property that i created on the report, but it does not seem to do anything. Any thoughts?

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No, unfortunately you have to create two separate reports and make one of them visible.