Report Viewer - print one page 3 times as one print job

Hello, I tired to create button which will print report on 3 pages. It is required to print 3 pages instead of 1 page 3 times because printer gives watermark for first one.

So what i tried

rv = event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer')

It prints one page 3 times, I need 3 page one time :wink:

Also I`ve tried to get PNG (by .getBytesPNG() and image and print it with java printer job but quality of image is poor.

So PDF is an option, but printing PDF with Java is not so easy ... Usually there it needs external java library to do that.

So, any ideas ?

When you use with an action of print, it should be printing directly from the PDF.

I'm curious why your printer is set up to add a watermark to the first page of everything?