Report Viewer Refresh not working according to other solutions

I have a window containing two report viewers for bar graphs. When the data in my bar graph is updated I need this to show on my window. I tried having a changing parameter and it hasn’t worked. I made a parameter called refresher which is referenced to a tag that changes numbers appropriately. I added a label in my report which displays this number so it will change while viewing my report in the report viewer on my window but the data in my bar graph will not update even though the data has changed. Only my label that references my changing parameter changes. It even appears as if it is refreshing but only the label changes not my bar graph. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m making a bar graph that will be displayed on a TV and would like for it to update and refresh on it’s own (if it refreshed when my parameter changed values that would be perfect).


I’m having the same problem. I have a report with two parameters that are changed with dropdown menus. When the parameters are changed, the report viewer does not reflect the change. I have to switch the viewer to a different report then switch back to show the changes. Anybody got anything for this?

My problem ended up being that my report was updating at the same instance that all my data was being pushed into the SQL Database so it just wasn’t picking up the new information because it was pulling info before the info was there. I think your problem might be in your report viewer component. Click on you report viewer component and look at the property editor on the left and scroll to the bottom where your parameters are in blue and tie them to you drop down menus values. That should do the trick.


Haha, good catch. I had already done this for two parameters, but I had added a third one later on and forgot to bind it to the report viewer. Thanks

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