Report viewer will not load reports

Report viewer does not load reports in ver. 7.9.
Previously working reports no longer load, and new ones do not link to the viewer.
Reports look fine in the report designer and previewer.
New reports cause an error stating Java heap space. I’ve 4GB of RAM allocated to a simple report that returns about 5 pages with 2 colums. The old report worked and had over 200 pages of similar data when only 2GB was allocated for the heap.
Old reports will cause Ignition to lock. The viewer acts lile it is uploading the report after about 5 minutes the monitor screen will toggle from designer to the gateway and do this several times. Sometimes I get an error stating there is no session and to sign in, yet I never signed out nor did the session expire.

How do I get the report viewer to work?

Can you contact support about this? This isn’t something I’m seeing commonly, which means they’ll need to dig into the logs.

I contacted support via email Friday and again this morning, but no response.
I guess I need to call if I can.

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