Report Viewing Probem - Text Shifting Right

Hello, I have an odd issue where text fields, and text inside of table cells is shifting to the right at runtime, but looks normal during report previewing. One example is a standard text field that is set to Center for horizontal alignment, and previews as such (also looks fine in the report viewer in the designer), but then at runtime in the client (in report viewer and pdf) the text shifts to the right, but not all the way to the right like if it were right justified. Same thing occurs in table fields where I have it right justified, and in this case the text shifts off the right side and most of the contents are truncated.

Very odd! Any help is appreciated.


Have you verified that the data (which I assume comes from a database) doesn’t have any white-space (tab, spaces, etc.)?

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Well the odd thing is that this isn’t all coming from queries or report string parameters, some of it is static text as well. Right now it’s not happening at all since I went into the report design and changed the font to Arial Unicode from ArialMT, so I’m wondering if that had anything to do with it. I’ll report back if it doesn’t return as an issue.