Report .XLS file won't work

I am having an issue or the report viewer where when I save to .xls and try to open the file it says it is corrupt and won’t open.
Saving as a pdf works fine.

Here is an example of the error.

So when you hit Yes to open it anyways, what does it do?

Opens a blank excel document named report

What version of Ignition are you on? There’s a bug in 7.9.8 with excel exports not working - not a bug in prior versions, and fixed in 7.9.9+.

with 7.9.13 I have the same problem…

there are some driver to install in server that may be is forgetted?

In all versions of Ignition prior to 8.0.6 (pretty sure) any export to Excel functionality is actually creating an Excel-compatible XML file and setting the file extension to .xls. Excel knows how to parse this (hence you’re able to open it) but complains about the mismatch between the document format and filetype.

In the latest versions, Excel exporting has been revamped and exports “real” .xlsx documents. It’s not possible to backport this to 7.9, because the required library (Apache POI) at the required version doesn’t support Java 6, a requirement for 7.9’s LTS nature.