Reporting - 4 save file actions with different parameters and schedule


My requirement is to auto-generate a single report per minute, daily, monthly and yearly. Thus, I should have 4 sets of startdate and enddate for each schedule. To be able to do this, I am trying to create 4 save file actions in Schedule tab of a single report with parameters startdate and enddate bound to different tags. But when I create a second Save File Action, it takes the same parameters and schedule as the previous one. Does this mean it is not possible to create more than 1 save file action with a different schedule and parameters? If it is possible, can anyone help me how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Why not just create multiple schedules? Even if they overlap, you’re still able to set different parameters.

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Yes, it’s possible. The UI might have confused you a bit here…

First, you create one or more schedules. Which ever schedule you have highlighted will be the schedule you’re applying the other settings to.

Then you create the parameters that apply to that schedule. This will be used for all reports generated by this schedule. If you need another set of parameters, make a second schedule with identical times.

These two settings are used to generate a specific report at a specific time. Then the various distribution actions you set up are applied to that specific report that was already generated. This lets you generate a report once, then both email and save it, for example – many reports are CPU intensive to generate, so reusing the report helps with your gateway load.


Thanks! Yes, it turns out I got confused with the creation of schedules.
But I found out how to do it now.
Thanks for your help!

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