Reporting Charts - different jfree charts

Hello Hive Mind - currently trying to see if the reporting module can draw other chart variants supported by jfree chart but not necessarily in the set that is defined within the reporting module. Anyone ever successfully done this before? For reference sake I am looking at trying to draw a variant of the jfree chart like a wafer map in the reporting module

All current digging suggest that I need to write a module.

This might be possible through configureChart, but I’d be somewhat surprised, and it would be a bit of a headache to set up.

A totally different option, potentially less headache, would be finding a different charting tool/library, and calling it with your report data, and getting the result as an image. I saw some alternative wafer map libraries via the google; you could potentially stand up a simple webservice locally (to the gateway) to call.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this, and didn’t end up with anything useful to show for it.