Reporting checkboxes?

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I am designing some pdf reports? Is there anyway I can add check boxes on them??



You could use unicode char 2611, ‘BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK’:

Will require a font that supports unicode characters, but most modern stuff should.


Hi PGriifth,

Thanks, And How would I link this to data?



You can use a keychain expression. For example, to get a checked box when a number is even and an empty box when it’s odd, I can use the keychain expression @Number % 2 == 0 ? "☑": "☐" @ , assuming my table has a key called Number.checkboxes.proj (6.4 KB)


Thanks alot work like wonders Kathy

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sorry I had one more question do you know anyway where we can display null value in report as empty rather than <N/A> or N/A

I’m assuming it’s a table you are working with… If so, select the cell that you want to behave this way. In the property inspector, there should be a Null Value entry. Change that to something else. I had to put a space character there for my reports, if I remember correctly.

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You can also change the ‘String for Null’ property for the entire report:


Hi All,

Sorry to bother again.I have another report coming up here is my question: I am using a querry currently to populate a table on window.My question is how can we call dataset in report.For example my querry returns hourly downtime in 8 h .How can i do that on report.

Thanks Again

Your query will be a datasource, and you’ll use that datasource in your report

Here’s the Inductive University video on data in reporting: report data

and the video on designing reports: report designer

I like this method but question - how would I bring this out from my datasource? Tried SELECT IF(someCondition, 'U+2611', '') but just appears as U+2611 on the report now.

Depends on your DB flavor. E.G. SQLite has a CHAR builtin: SELECT CHAR(9745).

Using MySQL. Just tried SELECT CHAR(2611) But that comes through as a blob in my workbench which the report then seems to interpret as a NULL value.

CHAR(X'2611' using utf8) perhaps?

Hi @KathyApplebaum,

Can explain in more detail? I have tried to display the checkbox in the report but I'm not able to display it properly. every time shows an empty checkbox.

It's the modulus operator. It means divide by whatever number is after the operator and give the remainder. If your checkbox value source is 1/0 and/or True/False this should work. It's the same as this in python ->

a = 1
b = ("false" if  a % 2 == 0 else "true")

print (b)

The example seems to be backward and the logic should be the following:

@AwSVKataster.eoh % 2 == 0 ? "☐": "☑" @