Reporting checkboxes?

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I am designing some pdf reports? Is there anyway I can add check boxes on them??



You could use unicode char 2611, ‘BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK’:

Will require a font that supports unicode characters, but most modern stuff should.


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Thanks, And How would I link this to data?



You can use a keychain expression. For example, to get a checked box when a number is even and an empty box when it’s odd, I can use the keychain expression @Number % 2 == 0 ? "☑": "☐" @ , assuming my table has a key called Number.checkboxes.proj (6.4 KB)


Thanks alot work like wonders Kathy

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sorry I had one more question do you know anyway where we can display null value in report as empty rather than <N/A> or N/A

I’m assuming it’s a table you are working with… If so, select the cell that you want to behave this way. In the property inspector, there should be a Null Value entry. Change that to something else. I had to put a space character there for my reports, if I remember correctly.

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You can also change the ‘String for Null’ property for the entire report:


Hi All,

Sorry to bother again.I have another report coming up here is my question: I am using a querry currently to populate a table on window.My question is how can we call dataset in report.For example my querry returns hourly downtime in 8 h .How can i do that on report.

Thanks Again

Your query will be a datasource, and you’ll use that datasource in your report

Here’s the Inductive University video on data in reporting: report data

and the video on designing reports: report designer

I like this method but question - how would I bring this out from my datasource? Tried SELECT IF(someCondition, 'U+2611', '') but just appears as U+2611 on the report now.

Depends on your DB flavor. E.G. SQLite has a CHAR builtin: SELECT CHAR(9745).

Using MySQL. Just tried SELECT CHAR(2611) But that comes through as a blob in my workbench which the report then seems to interpret as a NULL value.

CHAR(X'2611' using utf8) perhaps?

Hi @KathyApplebaum,

Can explain in more detail? I have tried to display the checkbox in the report but I'm not able to display it properly. every time shows an empty checkbox.