Reporting - Daily Average and Maximum

I have created a report that shows the daily flow from the last 14 days. The report combines 3 tables. The first table is the daily flow total. the second is a table of the averages, and the final is supposed to be a table of maximum daily values. However, my maximum value is somethings showing up less than the daily average (in the image, look at the discharge PSI for example). I have played with the aggregation modes and can’t seem to get it right. If I have an aggregation Mode of Maximum and a sample size set to Interval - 24 hour, should i expect the results to be a table maximum values over 24 hour spans? or is it a single data point taken every 24 hours? If anyone knows ow to accomplish what I am trying to do I’d really appreciate it.


Any chance your 2nd or 3rd table isn’t sorted the same as your first table? Looks like if you reverse order on the Max Disch PSI table it will always be greater than the Avg Disch PSI column.

I would also recommend looking into combining the columns you need into one dataset in your data sources so you don’t have to have 3 side by side tables. I would typically do this through a scripting data source but there may be a better alternative for this scenario.

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Yeah I’d prefer to have a single dataset, but with the tag history queries I wasn’t sure how to pull that off. You nailed it with my sorting. I’m adding the max field to an old report and completely forgot I had the tables sorted that way. Thanks for the help!