Reporting Data Sources Not Displaying Nested Queries

I have nested queries in my report. When I created the report the columns returned from my nested queries showed up in the Data Sources. However, when I go back to edit the report this morning they are no longer there. I can not drill down to them. Here are some images of what I am seeing. Ignition 8.0.16

Reporting 1

Reporting 2

Now here are some images of another report on a different gateway with nested queries where this is working as expected. Ignition 8.1.3

Reporting 3

Reporting 4

Are the nested queries showing up okay in the XML on the right side of the preview tab? That’s the first thing I check when I have data issues in reports.

Thanks for the reply. I went back to verify that the nested queries were showing up in the XML as you stated. When I went back to the report, everything was working well. I had not changed anything. However, I will start with the XML next time if this happens again.

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I am having more issues with this report. This time I have looked at the XML. In the XML it is showing up correctly. In the report, it is not displaying correctly. Both the preview within the report and the report viewer component in my vision client are producing the same inaccurate results. Any ideas?

Unfortunately I don’t know what you’re expecting to see here.

But in general if the XML is correct and the report isn’t what you expect, it’s a design issue. Often a data key is in the wrong place or there’s a typo somewhere.

I had thought it might be a software bug so I was looking for some input. The solution was as you stated. When putting data into the table, I was using the full path to the data key (which is how it shows up when you drag the key into the table). I had to remove a portion of the path in order for it to iterate correctly.

I am not sure I understand why this is though. My understanding is that the XML data is simply the raw unformatted version of the data that is in the table. Therefore, I don’t see how the XML and report data can be different. Am I misunderstanding this?

Supplying the full path to an item means “use this exact key”, where supplying the tail of the path of a key means “use this key with whatever parent path is appropriate”. Table rows and/or nested tables supply the parent parts of keys, so you should leave those off for iteration to work as you expect.

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