Reporting - decimal separator problem (430.3 KB)

We use Ignition reporting. We have in our country comma for decimal separator.
In designer we set the Number Format into #,##0.00 When we choose it, in the small dialog the locale-correct examples are shown (attached picture - dialog.png)
After in opening the same project in the Preview in 2 machines we have 2 results. In 1 machine the Preview is correct with comma as dec. separator, in the other the Preview contains point as dec. separator (attached pictures - designer_comma.png & designer_point.png).
On the web downloading pdf and XLSX (using ) we always get point as decimal separator (attached ero_tabla_avg.xlsx and ero_tabla_avg.pdf). The biggest problem for us is the XLSX export as this way the number 156.66 is treated as String in XLSX and for example cannot be counted total, etc

If you're getting different results in the Designer with the same report on two different machines, there's something in the machine settings (or the designer settings) for the locale that's different. That could be a setting in Ignition, it could be based on what setting the OS has now, or what setting the OS had when Java was first installed on that machine.

As for, the report is always executed on the Gateway and the Gateway doesn't really have a concept of locales. And unfortunately, my brief research isn't turning up a way for the library we use to write the XSLX files to use different number formats (that may be part of the XSLX standard?).