Reporting Every weekend

I have created a report based on tag history. The report designer worked well. What I did though was have two “date pickers” for the start date and end date to operate. The ultimate goal to this particular report is that it is a “weekend activity report”. I would like to inquire into how to make this an automatic report via the scripting. On Monday morning I would like to generate the report. Then either leave it displayed in the client or email it. I would like ultimately for it to generate the report and email it every Monday morning… Attached is a capture of what it currently looks like. So for clarity; I would like to figure out how to make this report start date and end date just query the “weekend” activity and email it to a list of people each Monday morning. Help and Advice appreciated…

Also does the report designer have any similar tools for alignment like the regular Designer?
I did not enjoy spending allot of time trying to get the things lined up… I also realize I need to take the time to read through the reporting manual. Which I wonder if I am reading the current one? It says it is the factory PMI Plugin?? It appears to be correct… … reporting/

Printing or emailing the report automatically is not built-in but it can be done. You have to have a client open somewhere at all times with the report window open. We recommend opening a client on the server that is always open with just the report window.

You need to make sure the start and end date pickers are bound to expressions that update the times periodically. The expressions would use the now function like this:now(30000)which would get the current time every 30 seconds. The start date expression can go back a certain period of time: dateArithmetic(now(30000), -1, "hour")which goes back an hour. That way the report will generate when the properties change. You can then add a custom property to the root container that is a boolean called trigger. Bind it to an expression for when you want to print the report:dateFormat(now(60000), "HH:mm") = "08:00"You can then add a propertyChange event (script) on the root container that prints the report:if event.propertyName == "trigger" and event.newValue == 1: report = event.source.getComponent("Report") report.print()You can email it, save it, or whatever. We know it is not that easy but hope to add features in the future to make it easier.