Reporting Flex Tables

I am trying to make a report that results in tabular data. This data could create 5-50 rows of entries. Is there any way to make a table act like a flex repeater where it will expand to the number of rows needed? I don't want to have to put one entry per page because it ~might~ contain that many entries and get cut off.

I asked the same thing five days ago. (I have multiple smaller tables that I would like to flow in much the same way as they might in Word.)

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Put everything in a table group.

A table by itself in a report will expand to multiple pages for the given rows. But that breaks if there is anything else in the report. Table groups create a hierarchy where multiple items can occupy variable space across multiple pages. Or, possibly omitted entirely.


If I am trying to put a table inside of another table using non-structured rows, does this same idea apply?

Not sure. I've not done that.

Okay. I am thinking the grouping may give me what I want, I just have to mess with it a bit. I just have a table of materials per run that I want to show in a tabular form with the materials listed under the run. So it would list a run and then the materials in it, then the next run and so on.

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