Reporting in Ignition Perspective

Hence I was having multiple machines of 4 categories in Ignition SCADA,
Machine Type 1 (8 nos.)
Machine Type 2 (3 nos.)
Machine Type 3 (3 nos.)
Machine Type 4 (5 nos.)

I am trying to prepare the Tag History report for some parameters for each respective machine. Do I have to prepare individual reports for each machine or do I have to just make 4 reports for each type? If yes can you please let me know how can I do that?

Currently, I have succeeded with the individual reports but it's not right I guess/knew. So please help in the same.

Thanks for the support.

Bharat Vinchwekar

You can parameterize the reports' list of tags to get history for. Then just one report for each type would be needed.

Thank you, Phil,
Can you please let me know the process if any I am unable to get that so?

Once I prepare the Parameter under data in the report how can I link those to my tags for the respective machine?

Usually you would use a string parameter that represents the folder or UDT instance that contains the tags you wish to report (each machine of each type must use a common tag naming scheme). Then, where you query the tag history, you use indirection to use the string parameter for the beginning of each tag path you are retrieving.


Hi Phil,

Today was a great day for me because I successfully completed the Report as per requirement now I have only 5 types of reports for 30+ machines.

Thank you for your valuable support.

Bharat Vinchwekar.