Reporting Interface

Good Morning,
lately I need to use Reporting Interface to create some statics reports on Ignition 7.8.0.
All functionality works correctly, but I have a serious problem with Designer. After 5/10 minutes more or less, the Designer does not answer. All interface freeze and I must to kill the process.
During report creation, is possible to see changes in real time on Designer. So, is not necessary to save and pubblic project.Cause of this debugging mode, when Designer does not answer and I kill the process, I lose all my progress.

Is the problem known?
Someone with the same problem?

Thanks in advance

The reporting module in v7.8+ is known to be a huge memory hog. You’ll almost certainly have to set your designer’s memory to more than the default. Also consider upgrading to 7.8.5, if you can’t upgrade to 7.9.x. Many bugs have been fixed since 7.8.0.

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