Reporting Issues

Two issues:

-For some reason I cannot perform math on the Details column of this report. It works for the total.value, but just keeps giving me N/A otherwise.

-How do I format the timestamp on x axis of bar graph? I somehow did this before, redid the data source on a graph so had to redo everything, and can't figure out how to get the date into a MM-dd format.

Many thanks!


Can you provide a copy of the report with a static csv source that matches the format of the expected dataset?

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reportToCSV.csv (1.4 KB)
Untitled-1.xml (18.0 KB)
full xml from report attached, plus my attempt at converting to csv. I couldn't get the online coverters to work with the copy from the report data pane, so it's just the section thats giving me trouble.

Does @processed@ work (without the division)?

Tip: the syntax for bulleted list is - listItem with a space.

yes, @processed@ works, as well as @total.processed@ and @total.processed/16@

Can you right-click the report in the project browser and export as a .zip? (44.9 KB)

I put in a static csv data source using this data and set it as the data key on the table

t_stamp, processed
"2023-10-12 16:09:04.016",77
"2023-10-12 17:09:04.016",83
"2023-10-12 18:09:04.016",36
"2023-10-12 19:09:04.016",83
"2023-10-12 20:09:04.016",48
"2023-10-12 21:09:04.016",54
"2023-10-12 22:09:04.016",85
"2023-10-12 23:09:04.016",35
"2023-10-13 01:09:04.016",75
"2023-10-13 02:09:04.016",62

Without changing anything in the report, it works as expected...

Try testing this on yours. If the static data works, maybe compare the xml in the preview between it and the data from your DB?

It doesn’t surprise me that it works for you. I had it working before and the total works. I’m assuming it’s something super simple I’m missing but after messing around with it for a couple hours, had to seek assistance

There's some sort of issue/bug/config error on my side where it's treating the count as a string(doesnt do this for the total). I verified this by scripting the data into a dataset. Was forced to convert to float before I could perform math on it.