Reporting limit


I’m trying to introduce 30000 items into a report. I can do the query normally from the dinamic property “data”. The problem is when I try to visualize them into the report the system gets blocked.
Is the problem caused by the hardware or by other thing?


The specs of the machine are:

SSOO. Windows Server 2003 EE, Service Pack 2
Intel Xeon CPU X3220 @2.40 GHz @2.40 GHz
4 Gb RAM

The designer is running inside the server

What version of Ignition are you using? There was a problem with loading more that 10,000 rows in Ignition before version 7.3.3.

The version is 7.3.4 32 bits

Is the numbers of rows you can use in a report a limitation because the ram of the system where Ignition is running?

Do you have an index on the table(s) for the keys in the report. If the report is grouped, is the underlying sql sorting per the group? How many columns are in each row retrieved and approximately how many groups will be in the final report?


I have index on the table, and I have 6 colums for every row. But I tried the same with a table with just 2 colums and more than 10000 rows and still having problems. Moreover, one day, trying this I received a message reporting the problem was related with the memory size.

If you are getting an error saying that the problem was related with the memory size, then it most likely is that. Try to limit the number of returned rows a little at a time to find out how many rows your system can handle. There is no limit imposed by Ignition, but datasets of that size should be loaded as an Optimized Dataset.

How do you load an Optimized Dataset?

We automatically load an optimized dataset once the number of rows gets over a certain amount.

Then, versions higher than 7.3.3 can handle more than 10,000 rows? Is this limit conditioned by hardware?

No, the behavior should be the same.