Reporting Modul Updates

Is there any development/ new features or new graphic tools coming in Ignition V8.1 for Reporting?

We are using Reporting Module and I think Reporting Module is left behind in development.

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Hi Vrush,

There are not any significant features in Reporting for 8.1 that I am aware of. We’re not intentionally avoiding Reporting, but most of the requests we get are in other areas, so that’s where we tend to spend our time (aside from bug fixes).

Do you have some specific features in mind you’d like to see? If so, I’d suggest submitting them to .

Thank Perry,

I would like to see some more graphics or batter charts and looks
I am happy with reporting module but my client needs some bar charts
and I can’t use bar chart to show data because they want Time stamp.
Please see my request for

Timeseries Chart doesn’t work as Bar Chart as normal Bar Chart

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