Reporting Module 7.8.0: report localization

I need to show the report texts according to the language selected by the user (English, Russian at the moment). Is there any command similar to system.utils.translate to achieve that?

The best way I can think of at the moment is to have a parameter in your report for the language you want to use, and then use conditional keychain expressions to show your text.

An example would be: @Language == 1 ? "Здравствуйте" : "Hello"@

do you have any good news about reports localization in the last update 7.8.2 of the reporting module?

Thanks in advance

No, we haven’t added translation for the text of your query or parameters. If you need this, you should suggest it at

Thanks KathyApplebaum, I will do it: the way you suggested

@Language == 1 ? "Здравствуйте" : "Hello"@ 

is very interesting and it works pretty good but it is rather cumbersome, if you have many texts and more then 2 languages.