Reporting Module 7.8.0: showing dynamic LEDs

I have a report like that in the following screenshot:

The Enabled column should show OFF/ON strings instead of 0/1 and gray/green LED bitmap or circles (if bitmaps are not allowed) on the right.
How can I accomplish that?

For the Enabled column, you can use a keychain expression along the lines of @Enabled == 1? “ON”:“OFF”@ as the text. For the LED circles, try binding the fill color to an expression. Let me know if you need instructions on how to do that.

Thank you KathyApplebaum. As far as the ON/OFF label, I managed to follow your suggestion and it works pretty good. As for the ellipse fill color unfortunately no success. What I did is to draw an ellipse in a cell of the table beside the Enabled cell and to dynamize the fill color with the following expression:

What I get, is one ellipse per row, but all are white filled.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

The report properties don’t understand scripting functions directly. They evaluate data keys, which come from your parameters and data sources. So you need to make a parameter for your colors.

You could certainly make a script data source for your colors, but I find it easier to make a parameter for each color and use an expression. So I have a parameter named Red, which is of type String. Its default value is toColor("red") I have a similar parameter for Blue, etc.

Then my binding for the fill color could be Enabled==0?Red:Blue