Reporting Module 7.8.0: some questions on printing

I have some basic questions on reports in Reporting Module 7.8.0:

  1. where can I select the paper size where the report will be printed to?
  2. what are the measure units of width and height in the report basic properties? How do they map to the paper actual size?
  3. how can I print the report to paper?

There are three ways to print a report for the new reporting module.

If you want to print to a printer that’s accessible from the client, but not the gateway, you will have to have a report component in a client window, and call report.print() on it. That should call up a print dialog where you can make your selections.

If you want to print to a printer that’s accessible from the gateway, you can use, or you can schedule a print action. Both of these will use the paper size you defined in the report (so be sure that the printer you select has that paper size available.) To set the paper size, open the report’s workspace, select something in the report, and then click back onto the report itself in the project tree. The property inspector will let you set paper size, margins, etc.

The width and height units are points, no matter what units you are using for your paper size.

Ok, thank you very much, KathyAbblebaum, it works fine.