Reporting Module: Adding total line for each grouping from single data source

I have a report table with a single data source. The data is then grouped using the report table grouping options. Is there a way to add a line count summary below each data group? The table summary row adds a line below the entire table not each group. I know that a child table in a table group can add the intermediate summary lines, but this is a single data source and cannot be broken up into separate queries. Any ideas?

If I understand what you’re doing correctly, you can change the kind of rows that are displayed for each grouping column. Select the group you want to add a summary for and check summary. The checked boxes (Header, Details, and Summary) are specific to the selected grouping level (in this case Working_shift).



I thought I had already tried what you mentioned, but I couldn’t remember so I tried again. My data source is optimized and the grouping is marker. I added the summary line to the marker grouping and it shows up one time, not per grouping. I added the summary to optimized and it showed up like I wanted, which seems backwords logically. But it works :slight_smile:

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