Reporting Module - Can't find the tags on Data Sources

I have a Datasource History Provider called “scada” configured which it is not available because I don’t have connection to the database now.

I also have several tags that have the History Enabled and the Storage Provider selected to “scada”.


However, when I go to the Data tab of the reporting module, and after creating a Data Source of type “Tag Historian Query” and refreshing it, these tags don’t appear in the Available Historical Tags tree.


Is it because I don’t have connection to the DB? If so, how can add them manually? and how to create a report in the design section if the tags don’t appear in Data Sources?



You can’t. The database for the history datasource contains the information about what tags and time ranges are contained there. You’ll need to get a database backup and replicate the DB in your dev environment.

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Thanks Phil for your answer. I have done the following, but I’m not sure if it would be a solution.

I have added two new Historical Tag Provider, one of type Internal Historian called “test” and another one of Tag History Splitter called “splitter” (wich allows you to storage the data in both scada and test). Then I have changed the Storage Provider of the tag I want to appear in the report to the splitter one. After this, I have achieved to see these tags on the Available Historical Tags. I will continue doing some tests…