Reporting Module: Chart X-Axis Formatting

Is there anyway to customize the following on the Reporting Module Charting X-Axis:

1: Formatting X-Axis tick mark Labeling rotation
2: Tick Frequency, you have this option for the Y-Axis

Attached is what it looks like in the new Reporting Module ‘CurrentLook.png’ and what I want it to look like ‘DesiredLook.png’

The DesiredLook is a Standard Chart in Ignition.

Reports are important to people and some are very picky about how they look. More Options available for customizing is key.

Any help would be Great!

Also to add to this:

How do you change the X Axis Font, Font Size, Font Style?

The Axis Label Font and Axis Tick Font only change the Y-Axis fonts.

Did anyone ever respond to you directly? I am having the same issue. I can’t for the life of me find the setting for x-axis rotation or size/frequency. With all of the things that you can change in a project, it seems a bit off that you can’t customize these options. I must be missing it.

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