Reporting Module displayed values

I am seeing some unexpected behavior in the alarm query table of my report.
I have 3 tags with alarm “high priority” and warn “low priority” configurations on them. The Mode is Outside Setpoints for both with the ack mode being manual on the alarm and auto on the warn.
In the alarm_journal query I have checked the boxes for ackknowledgement only.

I was hoping to eliminate the warn alerts from the report in this way. If the warn is active at the time the report is generated I would like to see it, otherwise not and every “alarm” high priority I would like to see in the table.

For some reason the warn and alarm are shown in the report whenever active but the values show “N/A” sometimes for the “warn”, other times the values are shown. The “alarm” values are almost always “N/A”

Is there something I can do to make the values always show for every float value I am recording, and how can I get rid of the repetitive warn types?