Reporting Module (dynamic filter expressions)?

Is there a way to dynamically change the filter expression for an item in the reporting module? I would like the user to be able to select various filter criteria via components on the window such as drop down boxes or check boxes and then change the output of the report, based on this criteria.

What you can do is bind the dataset you’re using to pass data to the report viewer (by default called ‘Data’) to another dynamic property e.g. you could create a new string dynamic property called ‘query’ on the report viewer and bind the dataset SQL Query to this property. When you then change the SQL query held in ‘query’ the data being sent to the report viewer will change and the report viewer will update with the new data.

You can create the string in ‘query’ using on screen controls as required, either through binding or with a script on an ‘Update report’ button.

Thanks AlthePal (love the name),

That’s what I ended up doing. Work’s great. Thanks for the suggestion.