Reporting Module In Designer and High CPU%

Hey guys,
The title of the topic says it all but I was just curious if anyone else is noticing the CPU usage hitting high when in reporting module. I’m using 7.9.6 with reporting module version 4.9.6 (b2018012922) .
One more question, I changed the Designer memory from 1GB to 1.5GB in gateway config page but It never applies, is there somewhere else I need to change it? I looked in the IgnitionConfig file to see if it’s in there but didn’t see anything. I even restarted the gateway to see if it applies and still nothing.
cheers!!! :+1:

Try launching the designer with the native client launcher.

And/or clear your workstation’s local Ignition cache. The report designer is a notorious memory hog, fwiw, and low memory conditions will spike the CPU as Java tries extra hard to collect garbage.

I will try that tomorrow.
Is there a specific reason that might help?
Yes probably a good idea, not sure if I have done that in a while…that’s the .ignition file in the user folder correct? Actually now that I think I don’t remember deleting that since I started working with Ignition on this laptop 5 months ago lol…

Can also try clearing the ignition and java cache

I cleared both Ignition and Java cache on my work computer, weird thing happened, the new designer java file that I download from the gateway or client launcher don’t work. The java logo comes on for a sec showing loading then it disappears… and the weirder thing is the old designer java file I have works fine… I’m a bit confused, this all worked fine on Thursday before I left work, there was no updates or anything done. any ideas?:confounded:

I deleted java and installed it from scratch and re downloaded the files and its working now…