Reporting Module - Modifying Timeseries Chart X-Axis

Hello Everyone,

I’m having difficulty with the Timeseries Chart in the reporting module.
My Y-axis is correct with my data, but the X-axis seems to be off…
The times displayed aren’t aligning with my data.
Here’s what I have…

Ultimately, I’d like the times shown to align with my data if possible.
For example, my first t_stamp (time) is 1:30; I’d like my x-axis to start at 1:30, not 2:00.
Hope this makes sense!

Hi regan.lewis, Did you manage to fix this? I’m having the same issue.

you can set the min and max of the y’axes range in the properties of yaxes

HI victordcq. The issue is on the X axis, not the Y axis.

yes i ment that, it works on both i guess

Hi vitordq, unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue in x-axis.