Reporting Module Perspective

Has anyone succeeded in passing a dataset as a parameter in a report, in the reporting module for Perspective ?
Is there a trick to be able to show properly the data, and maybe choose what column I want to show ?

The reporting module’s objects require data with known column names. You will need to script (probably in the report) a transform from a given column name to a new dataset with a fixed column name, then fake out the column header/pen name with the original column name.

This applies to both Vision and Perspective, as reports are always generated in the gateway.


I’ve successfully passed in a dataset as a parameter. There isn’t a trick to choose what column(s) you want to display. You will specify what columns you want to display in the design tab of the report.

Demo of selecting which columns to display:

Edit; screenshot of Report Viewer Component passing in a dataset via tag binding:

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Thank you for your replies, it is now working :grinning: