Reporting module: testing for null values

A Table in my report is showing data from a dataset where some values are NULL. Using keychains I’d like to show something else as <N/A>. I’m trying with something like


or using None instead of null but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks, regards

The “N/A” is configurable. Have you tried that?

Thanks pturmel, I did not see it. And if I would like to change the cell background color too, based on nulls?

Huh. No idea.

From the Reportmill docs:

The first is that the false expression is
optional (it will default to null). The second is that RM will evaluate 'null' as false and non-null as true,
so you can provide null substitutions like this: @name? name : "(None provided)"@.

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With changing the background color you might be able to run a getBackroundAt extension function get the value of the cell if it equals <N/A> or whatever your null value ends up being and change the background color based on that.