Reporting nested charts not showing data properly

- Ignition - v8.0.16
- Reporting Module - v5.0.16
- ** Data is scrubbed, used Simulator for example
- This example only has 1 Pump shown for clarity
- Indirection is used for that 1 Pump

I have been able to achieve this with indirection in Vision and Perspective.

I am having an issue when using nested Query Data and charting in the reporting module

  • A new chart is generated from each row of the nested query, instead of using it as a dataset
  • I have tried many variations of Keys for the chart(“History”, “current”, “History.current”, etc) with similar results
  • I have also tried putting the chart into the Header/Summary area.
    - I only get one chart, but no data shows up

Surely, there must be something that I am missing:

I have included:
- Picture of Nested Query
- Picture of Table Group
- Picture of Report Designer
- Picture of Report Preview
- Example of the Output from the Nested Query

Nested Query

Table Group

Report Designer

Report Preview

Is this data structure correct for the Nested Table to work? (I am using “current” as the Data Key)

					<t_stamp>2020-10-28 11:05:56.428</t_stamp>
					<t_stamp>2020-10-28 11:07:08.428</t_stamp>
					<t_stamp>2020-10-28 11:08:20.428</t_stamp>
					<t_stamp>2020-10-28 11:09:32.428</t_stamp>
					<t_stamp>2020-10-28 11:10:44.428</t_stamp>

Any help would be appreciated!


Working 1 page per asset with working history trend

Issues corrected by:

  • NOT using table groups for history data, only associated text tables(Alarms, Etc)
  • Using the Nested SQL as shown (more user friendly than python)
  • Stayed with “History” as the data Key, “t_stamp” as the Domain Key
					<t_stamp>2021-02-15 07:29:07.204</t_stamp>
					<t_stamp>2021-02-15 07:29:08.603</t_stamp>

Hop this helps someone else !!!

I would like to re-open this issue…seeing it in 8.1.1.
I’ve tried it in the parent and child tables…no data. Works when NOT in a Table Group…

Hi, did you find something

Issue corrected. I was not passing the right parameters to the Chart.