Reporting on a single table form different queries

Hi I need to calculate a value on table on the report but the 2 Columns came from different queries.

so I create a table and I assign the data key from “Query 1” and I add the first column to the table so far so good.

but when I add the second column from a different query" Query 2" the value of all the rows on the second column have the same value (same as the first row of the second column)

I’m sure both columns have the same number of rows.

I try to solve this with the group table but I have the same problem.

Any advise?


One approach, possibly easier in terms of maintenance, would be to just join the two queries together (eg with a UNION statement or something similar).

If that’s not an option for whatever reason, you can pull a specific row index (even dynamically) from another datasource while inside a table. I created a rather contrived example to demonstrate; datasource A is an ascending list of integers from 0 - 100, while datasource B is a list of descending numbers from 100 - 0. Within the table for A, I entered the following expression in the second column:
@B[Row - 1].Column B@

Then you’re able to pull back the data at a specific index of datasource B based on the row you’re at in the table for A. A project export to better explain what I mean:
Keychain Index.proj (17.5 KB)